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Published on April 20th, 2013 | by Daniel


10 Great Jobs for Digital Nomads

Now I mentioned affiliate marketing as a great location independent moneymaker. But of course there are many other avenues to pursue if you want the location independent lifestyle. Therefore I created this list from various personal sources to give you some ideas to make money location independently besides online marketing.

Photographer – This one is self-explanatory. I met some individuals travelling the world who were making gorgeous pictures and selling these to magazines offline and online. The catch here is that you have to be really good at it to make it work and you have to be really dedicated.

Consultant – There are quite a lot of communication consultants out there which do their consulting over Skype, email and such. All depends if you have built a good network first and then you are good to go.

Personal Coach – As with consultants, personal coaches operate from their built up network and keep on coaching their clients online, over email and so forth. They only need a laptop and a headset to make this work.

Designer – You can be a web designer or an illustrator while working from the other side of the world for your clients. Best to go into your travels with some customers already lined up.

Writer – As there are so many wannabe writers out there, you have to be good or at least appeal to a wide audience. The beauty of being a travelling writer is that you can incorporate your travels into your stories. This means the location independent lifestyle itself is directly making you money! Of course, writers come in the shades from bloggers to old school book authors.

Film Maker – Like writers, film makers create stories from their travels. Only they visualize it. A problem can be that you will have to carry your equipment all over the place and that you need a crew sometimes. But if you are dedicated, this can be real fun and profitable.

Programmer – To be a programmer you only need a laptop and you plugin anywhere you want. This is one of the most lucrative location independent jobs out there. And you can start learning today!

Translator – Elegant location independent job. Competition can be high, but once you have built a name or have a good network, you can work anywhere you want.

Virtual Assistant – You are an assistant to others, which can consist of doing tedious manual jobs. But of course, all the money you earn is location independent. This can be a great temporary job to bridge projects.

Teacher – Especially in English or ICT. This is a classic location independent job. Often the wages are meager at first, but you will get a lot of experience, and the longer you do it, the more you earn.

Most of these jobs are made easier by online freelance marketplaces. These are the ones I can recommend:

Fiverr – simple interface, good to start out with, make some money quickly
Elance – mainly for designers, writers, translators, programmers
Odesk – great for about everything
OneHourTranslation – best marketplace for translators

You can apply for all of these of course. They are great for starting out, and I know of quite a few freelancers that made a lot of $$$ with their work via these websites. Key is to build your online reputation first after which you get the better jobs and better money.

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  • Mandy L

    These are all solid ideas. Also, these are good jobs to do in combination–some consulting here, some coaching there, etc. And I know people who do well with supplementing their income through short-term teaching gigs, such as weekend workshops that focus on teaching a very specific skill.

    As for writing, another way I have seen people succeed is by focusing on a specific niche, such as ghostwriting or marketing for tech companies. Or even better, it helps to have a lot of experience in a couple of niches!

  • Daniel

    I agree, if you have experience in a niche, it makes sense to leverage that experience into specific skills. Specific skills = solving scarcity for the customer. And solving scarcity = opportunities to make money

  • mandyallen

    You’ve compiled a great list here and some useful resources at the end. I believe there are far more people looking for writing skills than there are offering them. If you have a good command of the English language and capable writing skills then it’s a really good starting point.

    Enjoy the journey.


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