Hi, my name is Daniel, online marketer and worldwide traveler. During the last 3 years I have moved all over the globe while working on my own location independent business at the same time. In a way you can see me as a typical “digital nomad”: I love the internet and I love to discover new places to make my home.

I started Tajolo to share my insights and experience for everything related to the location independent lifestyle. This blog is about how to live as a digital nomad and its intricacies. Overall, Tajolo provides travel hacks, country experiences and guides on living abroad. If you have the ambition to become a location independent professional I hope this advice will be helpful to you.

For any specific questions, you can contact me at



A valued contributor to the Tajolo blog is Snoesje. She is a 20-something Chinese girl in the middle of an amorously inspired travel adventure, which makes her explore the highs and lows of freelancer society at the same time. She shares stories about her life in digital nomadism and location independence from her unique feminine point of view.


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