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The Best Attitude to Succeed

I want to talk a bit about an attitude that most successful online marketers seem to share. It is an attitude that I also observed among successful business people, so it is not only limited to affiliate marketers. This attitude is best qualified as “irrational positivism” combined with “immense ambition”.

Irrational Positivism

When you start out, online marketing may seem a dodgy career path. It is not clear who is doing what, you have an overload of information, there is not really an official program to learn it, and everything you do seems to have an uncertain result. You do not really know if it works, as you never really seen it working for others because everything happens online invisible to the public eye.

I mean, you can see a doctor or lawyer and you know what he does, you can see him practicing and what he earns is common knowledge. However, in online marketing you may read a lot of stories about great affiliate achievements, but proof of success is much harder to come by. Especially without exaggerated claims that is. As a rather young industry, the track record is also much smaller.

So, in contrast to a negative, conservative, rational view, you need an irrational positive view as I like to call it. You need to be an optimist, and believe strongly, know that you will succeed. Of course, when building your online business you need to be a perfectly rational person in your work. But to pursue success in this field you need to be an unapologetic optimist in your heart who sees opportunities everywhere. You can also see this as creativity.

Immense Ambition

There are many persons who start out with online marketing (or any business for that matter) thinking that they will make money easily because they have a smart idea. Smart ideas are good, but you need something else to succeed, and that is what I like to call “immense ambition”. You need to think big, and have the drive to succeed in it. It helps when you have an overarching goal. For me, I really wanted to travel all around the world and work from anywhere, so that was my big goal. That was the main reason I started my affiliate marketing and it helped motivate me immensely. Especially when doing dull link building or in case of starting a new project.

This vision of immense ambition ensures that you are not lazy. What you almost never see directly, but what is true in the vast majority of cases, is that successful people worked real hard for their success. They just make it seem easy.

I can tell you: don’t be lazy. But in my opinion a better thing to tell is: have a big plan, have immense ambition, an overarching goal, and you don’t want to be lazy anymore. You want to succeed.

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