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Published on April 27th, 2013 | by Daniel


What Do You Call Home

When you travel a lot you start to notice patterns in your packing habits. And I have noticed these packing habits tend to be quite different for me as the location independent professional than me the happy campy tourist.

First and foremost as a digital nomad I am taking my work/business with me everywhere I go. This means I have to bring at least my laptop with accessories with me. I also like to pack a good bag to wrap this in. The last thing I want is my laptop to be an easy target coming out of the airport in say, Bogota.

So far the obvious stuff. But I also noticed that I tend to pack for longer periods. So I need both winter clothing as well as summer clothing. Special kind of vitamins I am accustomed to. And bigger packs of contact fluids. All stuff I really do not need to take from home but I am used to buy it there. In this time of intense globalization you can buy similar products anywhere. But I also derive some sort of comfort from taking this stuff with me.

In any case, there is always the internal debate if you take things with you from home or you buy it on the spot. Even if it does not seem so at first, this is also a philosophical debate on a deeper level. What do I consider “home”? Is the road my home? Or some fixed place?

It is natural for humans to look for a comfort zone, a place build on, a home. And the question is if it is good to try to suppress this. Why not have the best of all worlds and have many homes at the same time?

In this day and age it seems actually a bit silly to stick to a fixed place as a “home”. Now I prefer to think in bases, places where I have a base to use for a certain activity. In example, I earn money (online) in one place, while living at the other side of the world at the same time. In this way I can feel a true citizen of the world.

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