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How to Find Your Passion

The best entrepreneurs are those who can combine effort with their passion. Passion ensures to make people to be:

 1. Doing what they love. And when you do what you love, you want to know all about it. It is common that people with a passion are better experts in their field that persons who do it just for the money.

 2. Putting a lot of time in it. You like, no, you love what you do. You cannot go a day without it. This makes that you put in more time than the average person, enabling you to build a grand business/life/charity/etc. around it.

So, when we take to the goal of location independence; there is always the question: where do I get my money from? It is that plain simple. In order to be a location independent professional most people need a good source of income to sustain this lifestyle financially (and mentally).

As mentioned before, I am convinced that the easiest and most effective road to building a successful business is to follow your passion. So far so good. But then comes the hardest part for most people: Finding out what your passion is. It seems that this is really difficult for a lot of people, considering that so many are doing jobs they hate or work at things they despise.

So what is your passion and how can you find it?

Where to Start

Start with asking yourself: what would I do all day if I had unlimited money and unlimited freedom? For instance, I would still build websites (because I think that is fun), but I think I would also read more, be active politically, owning my own bar/restaurant (though not running it), and help out startups for free. These are some of the things to pop into my head. Maybe you would eat out and cook new recipes all day.

In this way you can start to get a gist what you really like to do, and not to do what you think you should do, because of time or financial constraints.

Doing a Passion “Audit”

Of course, to really get to things that are viable in making your passion work for you, do a passion “audit”. First ask yourself question like:

- What do I really like to do when I am free and money is not important (see above)?
- What things did you dream of when you were a kid?
- What things do you dream of now? (if something is overlapping in your answer to the last question it is really good indicator)
- Were there impracticalities that barred you from pursuing your dream? What was your dream?
- Are there people you know that do things that you would like to do? What things?
- What things are you afraid of and/or are outside your comfort zone? (Hint – to do these things will thrill you and can fire your passion for them).
- Look at all the things in your house and your possesions – all your music, movies, art. What are the themes that bind them? (These themes are illustrative for your passions).

After that you could answer for yourself questions as:

- How can I turn this passion in something that makes money?
- In my current state of affairs, what is needed for me to get to do this passion?
- Following the last question, what will be my battle plan? (Make a detailed to do list)
- What if engage in my passion all day, every day? Would I still like it?
- Do I know enough about the field of my passion? What more is there to learn/read?
- How can I test if I can make my passion work on a small scale?
- Who else is doing what I like to do? Can I reach them / talk with them?
- What is the bottom line for me, when do I give working at my passion a go?

In this regard I can really recommend the book Thinkertoys. It is great book dedicated to creative thinking and with different tools and tests to get you thinking in a creative way. It is very useful in helping you convert your passion in an activity you can earn a living with (and more!).

From the Fun Zone to the Actualization Zone

One of the hardest things is to transfer your realm of passion over to the hard market demands. You having fun in your doing your passion, but you do not really make something with it. In order to capitalize on your passion, you need it to put it into boundaries somewhat. For instance, if your passion is writing for instance, you having fun doing it 2 hours a day. But to get really good and to make your living out of it, you will need to practice non-stop and get to work for at least 8 hours a day.

Because, whatever your passion is, you will still have to work for it. Putting in more work = getting more results. The vast majority of people who are successful have followed (and still follow) this pattern.

Passions in Different Forms and Sizes

I have to say that I am a man of multiple passions. My main passion is actually discovering new things. For instance, I started with online marketing because I was very much interested in it. But before that I had a company in web application. And now I want to discover the passion of writing. So I do not think you should limit yourself to one passion. But for the sake of the article, if finding one passion is hard enough, than you should not lose focus by taking on too many business opportunities.

I know a person who worked at tedious office job. But her passion was writing. So she set to write down her scribbles every day. Eventually this transformed to a book. Eventually she even published it by herself. Now the book did not make a lot of money. But she discovered her passion as she went, it became stronger and made her get her focus straight. Now she writes full time, both freelance and for herself. She has more money than before and she gets to do what she loves. That is the ultimate aim.

Two last things to take into consideration. For one, you will have to put in effort to find your passion and to make it into something you can use to make yourself location independent. I can tell you “don’t be lazy”, but better is, do something you love and you don’t want to be lazy anymore.

The second thing is, you hear sometimes that people lose their passion because it has become their job. This is something you should not worry about too much. It is about enjoying the ride. If you start to hate it, your passion played out and it is time to find a new passion. Perhaps your old passion will rekindle, perhaps not. But key is: let it slide. Do not become too much hung on it. That way you feel so much more energetic to pursue other passions.

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