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Published on November 10th, 2013 | by Daniel


7 Interesting Future Online Trends To Make Money From

Not many things change as rapidly as the internet, the hardware sustaining it and all its applications. Remember, less than 20 years ago the internet was almost non-existent. 10 years ago, speeds were still excruciating slow and we did not have Facebook, Twitter and camera phones just arrived on the scene. The companies that are big today were the one that jumped in the trend early on and adapted to it as the wave grew. Like Youtube (increased bandwidth) and Instagram (camera phones) during the last decade or Shapeways (3D printing) these days, there is so much to gain by anticipating technological and social trends to your advantage at the right time.

Below I want to point out 7 interesting online (marketing) trends that will become more important in the coming decade.

1. Data will be stored online by consumers

Cloud computing – and in specific online database storage – is an old concept but has increased in sophistication over the last years. Many companies already use it. However, most people still store their important data files on their hard drive or usb. The coming years we will see a larger movement to storage online. The major advantage is that you can access your files wherever you are. The perception of security hazards is an issue, but these days this is taken care very well by companies who provide cloud data storage.

How to make money: If you are technically savvy, tools to combine, organize or retrieve your files in a handy way. If not, provide content about the differences between different cloud storage providers and link to them.

2. Your house appliances will integrate with the internet

In the near future, your whole house will become a grid in which all the appliances will be connected. This means that you can manage the energy use of your heating, washing machine etc. from your laptop. Not only that, you can also make sure that energy is consumed at those moments when it is cheapest (for instance at night). So all the appliances will be connected – and you can view it in one dashboard.

How to make money: The application from which you can view everything would be interesting from a marketing perspective. Who is going to give advice about how to save money and buying better quality house appliances?

3. Advanced retargeting in advertising

A common thing that will become even more common is advanced ad retargeting. When you visit a company website, your browser cookies will remember that you have visited it after you left this website. Through ad retargeting, advertisements from this company will be shown to you even when you visit other websites. In this way, companies will lower the risk of losing a potential customer. In the future we will also see those become more prevalent due to the cross-media synchronization by applications as Facebook, that knows what websites its users are viewing and can serve ads that are consistent across desktops, tablets and smartphones.

How to make money: Effective if highly targeted. That is, you can either use ad retargeting for your own websites, or make sure you push products to those who were not satisfied with the first offer (something else than the common: “Not found what you were looking for? We have the better X”.)

4. Mobile will grow further

A key element will be making your content not only available but also highly useable for mobile users. And tablet users. There is an increasing various number of devices on the market, all with different sizes which are used to connect to internet and view content. So you will have to optimize your web property for all these devices. In the long run however, all devices, browser and so forth will become more standardized by web technology, thus making it easier to cope with this problem.

How to make money: Make everything you produce “responsive”, or able to cope with all formats. Even better, show your content or application differently depending on the device that is connecting to it.

5. Content quality is king

With the vast supply of information out there, it is not surprising that there is a kind of “information overload”. In basic, everything has been said and written, the information is out there. But you can distinguish yourself by presenting the information in a well-written, well-structured and esthetically pleasing format. In this regard it is becoming more and more important that you “practice what you preach”.

The internet audience becomes increasingly critical of information quality. And search engines and social media outlets reflect this, by rewarding high quality information (and often shared) with a top spot in the headlines. High content quality goes hand in hand with the use of high quality multimedia, especially photos and videos that are easily consumed.

In this regard, “branding” become much more important as well. If you build a brand, people will recognize you. To perceive you to have authority about the subject, which makes it easier to sell them products you endorse as a brand.

How to make money: Build your own online brand. Provide high quality content. Become the authority.

6. Special snowflakes

As everything becomes common ground and available, people want to feel special, to feel unique. This reflects in the way especially social media communication should be structured. High, laser beamed targeting is essential to success. Most big companies are disappointed with their marketing efforts on Facebook, Twitter and such. But this is because they took the high level, massive approach.

In the future it would be much more beneficial to take the laser-beamed high targeted approach. It will take more effort to reach the right audience in the right way, but your return on investment will be higher as well. The main key element here is that you give your audience what they want… and more than that. As the cliché goes: under-promise and over-deliver.

How to make money: Treat every niche differently and identify their specific needs. Use new technology to target these groups and provide them what they want.

7. Internet is really going global

While western internet markets can look a bit tapped out, you can start to look at strong developments abroad, especially South America and Asia. Besides the movement in political spheres there are also social developments – as more internet freedom – you can use to your advantage.

How to make money: Learn about other cultures, and push your western money making strategy in this language. Learn the language or have all your campaigns translated. Do a business joint venture with a local.

Obviously there are many more methods to make money from than mentioned above. I am convinced we will see some of these developments very soon, if not next year already. Better to be prepared and anticipate than to be caught off guard.

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