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Published on February 20th, 2014 | by Daniel


An Introduction to Mobile Marketing

More than 50% of the global population uses their phone to access the internet. In the US and Europe, this is more than 60%. And for at least 40% of the global population, their (smart)phone is their main device for surfing the internet.

This is a lot of potential traffic for an affiliate marketer. And I bet you most of you do not utilize it – myself included. And that is a missed opportunity. Even if you just get to market at only a slice of this traffic in one specific country, it is still a big audience for promoting products. And it is expected that this audience will only grow bigger in the coming years.

Now as you may know, mobile marketing is not really the same as online marketing for normal computers (or even tablets as IPad and such, which form a middle ground). In some ways it is whole different ball game. Some striking differences:

Screen Size. The screen which the customer uses is much smaller than a normal. This gives you much less space to advertise in, and limits your possibilities. For instance, banners need to be much smaller. Furthermore, the landing pages you use have to be adapted to the mobile screen (you can keep using the normal web version but this will lower your conversion rate in almost all cases).

Utilitzation. Many smartphone users use apps to access information and to use programs. This means that a lot of communication is taking place within these apps. Furthermore, many functions in apps are not the same as they work on a normal screen. You cannot (as of yet) advertise in the Facebook mobile app as you can in their browser version for example.

Monetization. Business Models are very different. As of yet, people do not like to complete large transactions on their phone. Thus, there is less scope to push products for sales. Lead generation seems the way to go though. However, as the screen is much smaller, the process of signing up needs to be more simple that for most web versions.

This all means that mobile marketing takes a quite special place within online marketing. Methods that work for you on the normal media can fail miserably on mobile. Take google search advertising for example. On a small screen it is less potent, and your landing page have to customized to small screen too. Furthermore, you product needs to be easy to convert.

On the other hand, mobile advertising can give great new opportunities as well. You can build an app and market within it. And of course you can market specific products for mobile in an easier way.

What products are suited for mobile marketing?

In my experience, products that convert well on mobile traffic are:

> Mobile apps (obviously)
> Mobile downloads
> Music and other small multimedia
> Simple email submits (lead generation)
> Dating with simple mobile sign up form

In most cases you will need a mobile LP to increase you conversion rate, but you can test by going direct first to see if it converts and if the traffic source is sound.

Networks as Peerfly, Adsimilis and Neverblue have quite a lot of mobile products on offer. Check them out.

Strategies you can use in mobile marketing

Most mobile marketing is done in application or on mobile websites through banners. Of course, with this you have to be a bit innovative. It is not enough to place a generic small banner in an app to an email submit offer, hoping that the leads will roll in. Some general tips are:

- Use a pre-lander, with which you pre-qualify the users. A commonly used tactic is the use of a page with a quiz or survey, after which the user is “qualified” to go to the lead generation page.

- Mimic with your banners commonly used apps. For instance, a big success was the banner that had the Facebook notification screen as inspiration, which gave users the idea that they got a message waiting for them after they clicked the banner. Not the most sincere of tactics, but it works.

- Obviously target the right places and market segments for your product on offer. But do not be too obvious otherwise you will pay the lot. If you have gaming product to promote, marketing it through another gaming app is logical, but perhaps even better is marketing it another unrelated app that your target group also likes.

- Countdowns (“this offer will expire in … seconds”) are used often, and for a good reason. It works. However, use it only if it fits your product. It can be detrimental to a high quality product in the long run

- Make your own landing page and first collect all data first by yourself. Remarket various products through your own channel later on, for instance email. This can be the most profitable tactic if you do it right. After all, you will have customer data that you can use to promote multiple offer sequentially.

Other mobile marketing elements that are gaining in popularity is the use of so-called “QR codes”. These are mostly used by companies with a large street presence. And location based advertising will become very big in the near future. This will offer great opportunities to local business or marketers who want to target on the dot.

Where to buy mobile traffic?

Unless you have your own mobile page or mobile app, you will have to buy mobile traffic direct or networks. Direct is quite difficult as you will have to deals with app owners separately. Therefore I would advice to sign up for mobile networks. Now, there are a lot of networks out there as the market is still new. This also means there is quite a lot of dodgy traffic out there. And that you will have to test a lot. Good mobile traffic networks that converted well for me are InMobi and MobFox.

The field of mobile advertising is still changing a lot these years. Networks come and go. Apps that were popular a year ago have completely this years. An app of a month old can be the most popular app of the world all of the sudden. Also hardware changes. Screen sizes of the mobile phones change. And the technological advances in mobile marketing are quick and profound. In short, mobile advertising is an exciting field which can provide new opportunities constantly.

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