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Published on March 31st, 2013 | by Daniel


How to Make Money Location Independent

One of the main reasons that I became an online marketer was that it enables me to work from anywhere in the world where there is internet. Today that is practically everywhere.

Of course online marketing is not the only way to make money the location independent way. If you really want it, if you really want to travel the world and work from anywhere there is always something you can do to earn some money online. The only thing that can limit you is the fear of the unknown and the thought that you cannot achieve what you want to achieve. But then, deep down you know that of course you can do it.

A common fear is that when you start out with an online business the pay will probably not be as high as your current (cubicle) job. But hey, it all depends what you think freedom is worth. If you want freedom, excitement and want to feel what entrepreneurship really is then you are here in the right place. In the long term a well-run online business can earn you a huge amount of money. Much more so than most common career paths.

Ideas for Online Jobs

For me location independent jobs can be divided in offline jobs and online jobs. Offline jobs are the old school international jobs, like teaching English (or Spanish etc.) abroad, or working in trading for instance. These can be great international jobs, but I see them as semi-location independent, because they still limit your mobility for long periods of time.

Unless you are living off investments, the real location independent jobs that are feasible for the vast majority are where the internet functions as the main communication source. Here are some examples of online jobs that I have seen working tremendously:

> Online Marketing (first hand experience)

> Translator

> Web Programming (it is not that hard to start out, but focus on one programming language first)

> Running a webshop (barriers to entry are high though, but if you have an existing contact in a viable business this can be very profitable)

> Selling ebooks as a writer, both fiction and non-fiction (often combined with a blog)

> Financial trading (can be very risky if you are new to this)

> Selling gigs on Fiverr (payment per gig seems low but this can be very lucrative when done efficiently and correctly on a larger scale. It is also very easy to start out with it).

Obviously there are many more. When you have a special skill (i.e. programming), it makes sense to leverage that skill online.

How to start

Don’t wait until a perfect moment, as it will never come. And don’t think you will “look into it tomorrow” or “when the time is right” or “when you have a good idea”. Procrastination kills the spirit. The perfect moment is now.  Start now.  More good ideas come while you are working at your projects.

And on a practical note, it is even better to utilize a start up period to build your online presence while still working at a regular job. This will give you the peace of mind with regard to the short-term income level, enabling to focus your energy on building your online business.

Another factor to take into account is that when you make money in countries with a high cost of living, you can live in countries with low cost of living. This “lifestyle arbitrage” is an extra financial benefit of earning money the location independent way. If you keep your costs low, you do not have to earn that much money to become location independent.

If you want to create a structural living from online you need motivation to succeed in it. It is a cliche but it really describes those who are successful and those who aren’t.

Good luck!

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