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How to Make Money with Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the easiest platforms to make a quick profit for the beginning affiliate marketer. In this post I will give some tips how to start out with Facebook ads, what type of campaigns to run and how to get a profitable campaign.

Facebook is the biggest social network on our planet. This means that its reach is huge, giving you a huge traffic source to exploit for affiliate marketing and the lot. Facebook’s own revenue model is mainly based on advertising, and as result they have developed an user friendly self service ad platform. This makes it easy for you to start a campaign on it, while you can analyze your successes very well.

How to Start with Facebook Ads

Sign up for their advertising platform first. You can use your current private Facebook account (if you have one), although I do not recommend this. It is better to create a new account for business purposes only as this will keep your business and private matters separated. Next make sure you read their advertising guidelines. It is a short read and Facebook adheres to it quite strictly. You can be banned from advertising with them if you cross the line too many times (currently they have a “3 strikes out” policy). The thing which can have you banned most quickly is the use of inappropiate images and texts.

What Products to Promote on Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook is a very different traffic source than say, search engines. People look for something specific on a search engine and show this by typing the relevant keywords for their topic of interest in the search bar. This enables you as an advertiser to advertise for very specific products. You can focus on consumers with specific needs and those that want to buy something.

On Facebook the mentality is different. The vast majority of users are in a social mindset and NOT in a buying mindset. They want to browse, look at pictures, converse with their friends. Users are not really in the mood for buying and they are not really specifically looking for product.

So what to promote on Facebook? As it is a social network with users in a social mindset, it makes sense to promote social products. The two most common social verticals offered on affiliate networks are Online Dating and Online Gaming. Furthermore, these verticals are perfectly tailored to promote on Facebook as they work mostly on a CPL basis; you get paid when a customer signs up for a dating websites or gaming platform for free. This bypasses the lack of buying mindset from the customer.

When you have not done so yet, I strongly recommend you to sign up for the Adsimilis and Neverblue networks. They have a lot of dating and gaming products to promote that make a perfect fit with Facebook ads.

Setting Up a Campaign

Now then, say you have chosen a good social product to promote via your affiliate network. Next, make sure you divide offers into separate campaigns. Never have multiple offers run within the same campaign. Also, it is better to segment your market groups into multiple campaigns. For instance, have separate campaigns for ads targeting men and women, and with regard to the different age groups.

Setting up a campaign in the Facebook ads platform is really easy. Start with putting your affiliate link the url bar (I would advise to embed it in a tracking link). Then, make your ad below by filling in your ad copy and uploading a good picture. I will get deeper into how to make good ad copy in other posts, for now I recommend you: be creative, study the ads which are already out there and read this book.

Further down in the form you can target your ad. This is the one big plus of Facebook ads. Because of its nature as a social network, you have a lot of variables to select, which enables you to target your ads really well and to get your ads well clicked on. The key of a real good ad is to give people what they want. So try to match your ad with your target group. For instance, when you are promoting a Christian dating offer it makes sense to target singles who like “christianity” and its variations. Sounds logical and it is logical. It works.

As I outlined in my basics to affiliate marketing, you will have to splittest a lot to get an optimal campaign. However as you promote a rather uniform product (in most cases), and your ad text is limited, it is more important to optimize your CTR per campaign on Facebook first. CTR stands for click through rate, or the amount of persons who clicked on your ad divided by the amount of impressions. Facebook wants to make as much money as possible on their ads. So it makes sense for them to show the best performing ads more than underperforming ads (which are not clicked on). Thus higher the clickthrough rate, the lower the price for each click. Conclusively, the lower the price per click, the more clicks you will generate within your set daily budget and the better your overall conversion rate.

As a rule of thumb when starting out, try to get a CTR higher than 0,1% for your best ad per campaign.

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