Travel Tips


The Best Way to Overcome a Jet Lag

Published on May 24th, 2013 | by Daniel

Everyone who has taken an airplane over multiple time zones has experienced it some way or another: jet lag. It can happen to anyone, from first time travellers to experienced air pilots. If after extensive travel you have difficulties... Read More



Finding My Way (2) – Koh Lanta

Published on May 19th, 2013 | by Snoesje

My dairy is my personal defense against boredom, anxiety, fear and any other kind of negative energy that makes surprise invasions on me. And also it helps to keep track of the fragmented moments which touched my heart... Read More



Things to Consider for Volunteering Abroad

Published on May 17th, 2013 | by Daniel

Each year, thousands of people around the world make plans to volunteer abroad. In case you are thinking about this as well, then you will be glad to know that there many different volunteer opportunities to choose... Read More

Travel Tips


How to Save Money on Travel Expenses

Published on May 10th, 2013 | by Daniel

If you approach it the smart way you can save quite a lot of money on travel costs. In this post I want to give some practical tips that you can use immediately. One obvious thing to note is that your travel costs... Read More


Finding my Way (1)

Published on May 8th, 2013 | by Snoesje

At the age of 21 I graduated from college and moved into a tiny-little apartment, with some start-up funds from my parents and tons of colorful anticipation for a brand-new mature life ahead of me. After going through numerous... Read More



5 Location Independent Myths

Published on May 2nd, 2013 | by Daniel

When you are travelling a lot (like I do) you are starting to see the reality behind some common myths about location independence. I mean, many have the vision of sitting under the palm tree on a beach... Read More

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