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Reset – And Live Again

Life is bound to be ups-and-downs. Nobody has an even experience all their lives. When you are at the bottom, you can only go up. When you are at the top, look at the valleys behind you. Cherish the view.

Sometimes you have to reset to do something totally different. If what you did before did not work for you after trying multiple times, than in 99% of the cases trying harder the same thing won’t work either. Because you do not have the passion for it in the long run.

Finding your passion is harder than to make money. But finding your passion is what makes you go to the top, just working for the sake of making money is not. Focus at least one hour a day on your passion. Until the moment you can focus all your time on it.

Negativity is useless. Depending on who is being negative, ignore it or reframe it. In the latter case, talk about the subject in an upbeat matter and always look on the bright side.

Success is mostly the result of doing the hard work. Ideas are easy, ideas are cheap. Everyone has ideas. Acting on them in the right way is what makes achieving success a rocky road.

You have very little to lose by testing out new things – and much to gain. Look for opportunities where risk is rewarded and the cost of failure is easily coped with. This way you can live a free and successful life.

Acting on your dreams is not foolish, it takes guts. So many people are stuck in careers and lifestyles they never dreamt of, but just cope with “because that is the way it is”. Think bigger than that – “greed is good” – and “be the change in yourself”.

Doing something is better than thinking about it and acting smart about it. Action is better than doing nothing. Overthinking a problem complicates and often will get you mediocre results.

Only criticize if you have experience with the subject at hand. Otherwise it is just nagging and being negative 99% of the time.

Heuristics are better than theoretical models. Thousands of years of tradition have a reason. Think about why traditions are the way they are will explain more than social sciences with their backward reasoning do.

You cannot escape your biology. So embrace it. And better it. A man is a man, a woman is a woman. They are both most happy acting that way.

Never cave under social pressure and you will be a happier person. People also respect it more if you stick with your guns.

Nobody ever really listens to unsolicited advice – even when it is good. Only give advice to someone who is asking for it or clearly is seeking it. People hate those who give them unsolicited advice.

Free advice is less valued than paid advice, even in cases when the free advice is much more useful.

Most people are happy with a “normal” life. Good for them. But if you are not happy that way, do not let them hold you back to achieve greater things.

Most tax systems – and connected, social systems – are a pyramid scheme. Try to live in places where you see your taxes at work directly.

Delayed gratification is more enjoyable than instant gratification.

Be the dumbest person in the room – this way you will learn something. If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.

The harder road will give you better results in 99% of the time. Also because 99% of the other people take the easy road.

In business, try to find those niches where barriers to entry are high.

Competition is good. It means there is a purpose and money to be made.

Nothing is secure, so always diversify your business. Traffic sources can dry up, economic circumstances can change. Always be prepared.

Never take what you read for granted. Always apply your own common sense.

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