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Published on October 25th, 2013 | by Daniel


How To Get Traffic to Your Website Fast

One of the key questions after you have built your website is: how do I get visitors? Of course this question should be integral in your approach before you starting your website. But it makes sense to think that visitors only come after you build your website and you put some key quality content on it.

Let us step back and think about the ways you can get visitors to your website. You can get visitors by links on other websites, search engines, social media, and so forth. You might think these traffic sources need different, separate approaches. And in a way this is true. But all of them also value a website that has quality content, that adds value to the visitor, that gives something back to the visitors and that can be used for their greater good.

Thus, the first question should not be: how do I get more visitors? The first question should be: how do I make a great website for the visitors in my niche?

This can be done on multiple levels:

-          Great design and usability
-          Post regularly quality content that can be shared
-          Offering a product that visitors can use
-          Use of multimedia (videos)
-          Website loads fast and can be accessed easily

Now, to get the initial ball rolling – people have to know about your website in the first place – you can utilize one or more tactics to drag in the first curious people. These ones work very well when done appropriately:

Guest Posting – This one is great because you will get known by your target audience via a long article, plus you will receive a backlink. When you target other high authority websites in your niche you do not need to have many guest posts to gain traction.

Social Signals – Be present at all social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus) and build a company page (= your website) on all of these. You can get presence easily on even more social channels via KnowEm.

Go Long Tail – When you write content aiming for long tail keywords you can get a high google ranking without even needing to build backlinks. Your own onsite analysis can be helpful here. If you notice that get traffic from certain keywords, it makes sense to optimize your content that is targeted by these keywords.

If you are in a bind to get traffic even after you build a great website, start with these 3 methods first. Do not be afraid to contact other parties and websites on your niches (for example to do a guest post). Internet as a whole is about networking.

Another method is paid advertising. But besides the fact that it is expensive (and probably will result in a net loss), it also sends the wrong signal. A quality, authoritive website does not need paid advertising. It should be good enough to attract visitors by its own merits.

To conclude, I believe that a good website grows over years and not overnight. So if traffic stays low but you think you have a quality website do not panic. It is normal for most websites (or businesses for that matter) to grow its visitor/customer base slowly over time. This also enables you to calibrate better with your user base and to build the best website in your niche.

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  • Nomad Capitalist

    Good article for people to get started building a website. Long tail is important, especially in a niche like this one. If I were to write about the “best places to see in Rome”, I’d get killed. By digging a little deeper, it’s easier to get traction.

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